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Helping responsible entrepreneurs and small businesses level up

who I help

responsible, spiritually aware
entrepreneurs and small businesses

Brandon is dedicated to helping responsible, spiritually aware entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. He believes these entrepreneurs are the future of business. Brandon does this through education, consulting and sharing his rooted in reality entrepreneurial and small business experience of the last 15 years. If you’re on the entrepreneurial path, you know it’s a soulful experience that requires strength, focus and right action.

how I help

business discovery + design

This fully immersive consulting session is designed to meet your respective needs and goals. You will receive highly relevant insight, actionable solutions and practical guidance for building, operating and growing your business. Be prepared to deconstruct your entrepreneurial experience and breakdown your business to know where you are truly at. After we break everything down, we strategically bring the elements back together and create a plan to build your business and create growth.

entrepreneurial development

A mentorship program designed to explore the challenging and perplexing conditions of life, entrepreneurship and business. This guided learning experience is tailored to your personal and business needs. This can be a one-day experience in Sedona or an ongoing process. You get more than just answers, you get explanations and a better understanding so you can become a greater entrepreneur. You will become a stronger leader, make wiser decisions and perform better.

people I've helped

what they are saying

Brad Thomas
Co-founder, Evercast

"Brandon’s methodic and strategic approach to business was a life saver for me."

During the early years of Evercast, there were many life or death decisions that had to be made almost on a daily basis. Being able to leverage Brandon’s business mind and experience helped me navigate some very rough waters. To be honest, I’m not sure I would have made it through if it wasn’t for his help and guidance. If you are an entrepreneur and serious about success, having someone like Brandon on your side is an absolute must. Outside, intelligent perspective is sometimes the only way to see solutions to problems due to the stress we as entrepreneurs undergo when the stakes are high and time is ultra compressed.

Derick Vogel
CEO, Credit Absolute

"Brandon helped me achieve profitability in my first year"

Working with Brandon I was able to achieve profitability in my first year, obtain $100k in bank financing and scale the business! When we met, I was great at sales but needed someone to guide me in how to successfully operate a business, operating and growing a business is a whole different skill set. Brandon not only provided me solutions, he also mentored me through the growing pains. I’ve been in business now for over 7 years and we keep growing!

Mycal Anders
Owner, CrossFit PHX

"The investment in Brandon’s coaching has returned to me 10x"

The investment in Brandon has returned to me 10x. In the six months we worked together, my acumen as an entrepreneur has increased extensively. Like so many of us, we start our businesses because we are good at what we do, and we feel that we can do it better than those that used to employ us. However, being a master of your craft, doesn’t necessarily translate to being a master at business. Working with Brandon gave me back control of my business, and more importantly, my time. Together, Brandon put me through the work to understand, and fulfill with real data, the vision of and direction of my company. In his words, “You’ve come this far on guts and will power. Now it’s time to work smarter and drive this thing forward.”

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